About Our Company

Dragon Press began as a way for me to develop my early HTML skills, and to use some server class hardware I had in my home office (and the bandwidth I was sitting on). The first few sites were bulletin board advertisements for family photo albums, small businesses, and pet projects. The very first "real" client we added was Lasertech Inc, a toner and printer supplies company based out of Bedford, IN.

After that early start, we spun up to a larger hosting environment, running full email, calendering and workplace software suites in addition to standard website hosting. We offered mailing lists, directed client mails, and desktop support to some customers, notably DC International, the Sycamore Land Trust, AC/C Tech, and Hometown Heating & Air. At peak we had about 45-50 clients, with a full breadth of services.

As services like Gmail and earlier variants of Office 365 began to appear, we decided that the hosting and desktop support services were getting to be a realm that was already heavily supported for a very small enterprise, and began staging back our supported offerings. Shortly after this stage, the owner also went back to school, to pursue a Masters in Human Computer Interaction & Design, futher limiting available support time.

Now, Dragon Press seeks design challenges that can be self hosted, or helps direct clients to affordable hosting solutions, while providing design, developmental, and some site based technical support. For an example of our current and recent work, please see the samples page.

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Our Creative Team

Adam Sweeny

Adam Sweeny
Adam is the owner, and chief designer at Dragon Press. He's the only "full time" developer here at Dragon Press, and calls on other part time or contract employees as needed, with specific tasks to complete.

Karen Sweeny
Karen Sweeny served as Dragon Press's on site technical support, ran several training sessions, and acted as a W3C and WAI consultant, with a background in Special Education and Information Systems.

Mike Uchman
Mike has served as a design consultant on several projects, developing wonderful header logos, corporate layouts, and other graphical projects as needed.

Jonny Sweeny
Jonny served as a developer for several sites, and is a skilled PHP, CSS and Server Side includes coder. He has an unmatched knowledge of IT contracting, Security Standards, and Vulnerability testing.

Our Skills

We develop and support projects in ColdFusion, PHP, .NET Programming, xHTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, and other languages. We support and design against Oracle, MySQL, Postgres and MSSQL databases, as well as web services.

We like to help users find exactly the solution they need for their project. Whether thats designing something completely new, re-skinning a freeware or commercially available product, or heavily modifing an existing site to provide additional functionality, we can help! We also offer specialized training in specific topics relating to desktop use, mangement, and applications. For specific training questions, please contact us.